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Time Off Bidding. The original and #1 Annual Vacation Planning tool for the Enterprise.

Time Off Bidding

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Time Off Bidding

Is not your typical Leave Request tool!


   What is Time Off Bidding?

Time Off Bidding is a fast and easy way for employees to select their desired vacation. At a glance they can see how their options and selections are being affected by other employees in their Time Off bid groups. Colors quickly alert employees to opportunities (Green), their current selections (Blue) and areas where you may wish to make other choices (Red).

 What is Blind Bidding?

One of the most challenging aspects of annual vacation bidding is knowing what the available options are. This problem becomes exponential when the employee's seniority ranking is low.

Time Off Bidding gives users a real-time view of  their available vacation dates based on their accrued vacation and seniority ranking, and custom union rules.


Latest News

We have discovered that employees feel that their pay and their vacation (time off) are among the top factors when they measure their own level of satisfaction and engagement at work.

They strongly desire a healthy work-life balance and we know that organizations can benefit from increased engagement when their employees use the vacation time that they earn... if the process is administered well. This is where Time Off Bidding excels.

David Nielson, President

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