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Time Off Bidding Is The Solution For Everyone.


Vacation planning has never been this simple or empowering.


Easily ensure that complex contractual obligations are followed transparently.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Save time labor, at all levels, with clear processes and automated reports.


​"Single Pane of Glass" Interaction - All bidding functions are available from a single screen.

Easy to Use - TOB features a simple calendar and easy to identify buttons.

Real-Time - TOB shows users their available choices in near real-time. This means employees given will know the status of the days they want to chose. This instant feedback helps employees to make informed and realistic choices.


Automated Balance Tracking - TOB automatically tracks your selections and deducts the time from your earned vacation time. With TOB you will no longer experience denied requests due to insufficient time!


Custom Business Rules - The system enforces contractual and organizational rules, preventing employees from requesting more than they are entitled.​


One of the primary benefits of O3's TOB software is that it was built from the ground up with transparency as a core philosophy. Transparency in the annual vacation bidding process allows all parties to be involved and feel empowered.

Adopting an open and transparent system like TOB provides additional benefits:

  • TOB builds trust within your community of users.

  • TOB increases engagement.

  • TOB demonstrates you understand your community of user's needs.

  • TOB showcases your professionalism and dedication to educating your constituents fair processes.


​O3's TOB is packed with powerful features that make it a staffing, management, and finance department favorite. 


Staffing Office

Many of O3's clients have a dedicated staffing department that are responsible for the annual vacation process. If their process is paper based, then a tremendous administration burden is placed on department staff to collect and process the time off request. 


TOB alleviates the administrative burden with the following features:


Employee Self-Service


Employees make their own vacation selections, update passwords, and pull their own reports.

Sudo Access


Staffers can access the application on behalf of an employee to place bids. This is extremely useful for incidents where an employee cannot use the system.

Simple Setup


TOB has a single standard import file that allows bulk loading of new users. This makes setup a snap. TOB also features a "Bid Readiness" tool. This clearly identifies which users are not eligible for bidding and what information needs to be provided.



In addition to the Staffer benefits which result in a drastic reduction of labor hours, TOB offers managers with important and useful features: 


Simple Management


Once the system has been configured for first use maintenance is a breeze.

Bid Groups


Within TOB management of Bid Groups can be accomplished with a few clicks.

Allowed Off


TOB allows managers to customize the number of available time off slots.

Post Bidding Functionality


TOB allows managers to select how and when reports are finalized and available for distribution.

System Support


O3 has an automated and streamlined support system. Creating tickets is as simple as sending an email.


Finance & Executives

TOB provides Finance and organization Executives the unique ability to aggregate, visualize, and implement controls on the annual vacation process.

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